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Consultation and Advise Regarding Dissolution/Family Law Matter
Domestic Relations Limited Legal Services 
Hearing/Trial Preparation 
Drafting of Legal Documents
Consultation and Advice regarding Dissolution/Family Law Matter will include advice about law and strategy related to an ongoing mediation, negotiation or litigation. We will provide the client with direction and advise about how their case will proceed, fact gathering and discovery, important deadlines and the steps that they need to take to make sure they are adequately prepared. We will provide assistance in evaluating when or if an expert needs to be appointed. Our office will also review documents that have been filed by other parties and offer advice as to how to proceed. 
We are pleased to offer a limited legal service for clients who wish to remain self-represented in their family law proceeding. This will allow us to provide legal advise and drafting assistance without direct representation in the case. This allows for you to maintain control over your case at all times but have the option to use our expert services. For some, this is an affordable option to reduce legal fees.
We will assist and coach you about the negotiation, preparation and presentation of evidence for any hearing. In domestic cases, the hearings are generally Initial Status Conference and Temporary/Permanent Orders. Each legal matter has its own set of procedures and deadlines. We will help you identify the appropriate procedures  Our office can support you with calculating deadlines and reviewing the Case Management Order.
Our office will assist you with the complex and oftentimes confusing legal documents that need to be filed with the Court. These documents may include but are not limited to:

    *Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Legal Separation
    *Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
    *Motion to Modify/Restrict Parenting Time
    *Motion to Modify Child Support
    *Register Foreign Decree/Custody/Child Support
    *Petition for Adoption
    *Petition for Name Change

We can assist with the preparation of Sworn Financial Statements, Certificate of Disclosures and Child Support or Maintenance Worksheet calculations, and Maintenance Advisement. These documents are required by the Court and can be very difficult to discern.

Advise and Preparation for CFI/PRE Investigations
If a CFI or PRE has been assigned to your case, our office can coach you in preparing for an investigation. We can offer advise about how to handle the investigation and what can be expected throughout. 
If a CFI or PRE has not yet been appointed, we can provide recommendations or also assist in drafting the Motion/Order for Appointment.